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Documentation resources

Buiilding this workshop would have been nearly impossible without other people’s documentation, and we’d like this site to continue to be a resource for others as well.

Below is our “bibliography” and some links to other organzations’ amazing docs sites. If you’ve taken this workshop and created some great docs, or if you’ve stumbled upon this and would simply like to be included in this list, please contribute via GitHub.

Static Site Based Documentation

Rockafeller Archives Center

Government Digital Service (UK)

NYPL Preservation of Audio and Moving Images

NYPL Digital Archives

NYPL Born-Digital Documentation (WIP)

Wiki Based Documentation

German National Library of Science and Technology

Word-Processor Based Documentation

Princeton University Born-Digital Archives Workflows

UC Efficient Archival Processing Guidelines

UMass Amherst Guidelines for Digitization


GitHub Markdown Cheat Sheet

Other Static Site Generators

Python Docs running on Sphinx Gov Docs running on Hugo